Lacoste L!VE X Bait Collab
Written by Clive Duran All images courtesy of Lacoste L!VE

Lacoste L!VE teams up with retailer BAIT to create a sneaker that can only be honestly described as ‘bona fide heat’.  The sneakers are striking, crisp and thoughtful in a thematically beautiful way.  The footwear plays on the crocodile premise of the Lacoste brand with impressive effect as you can vividly see the reptilian scale motif and saurian bulk on the surface and in the structure of the shoe.  There is also something airy and nautical at play here that is unique and very refreshing – the pure white virgin soles invite you to think about how good you would look in these with a fresh pair of black jeans and a well fitting bubble jacket.   BAIT branding is prominently displayed on the tongue of the sneaker with a graphical style that is typically used on sails and nautical flags. There will only be 500 pairs available globally of this limited edition masterpiece.  The collab team is reporting that they have developed exclusive packaging for 100 pairs on sale now in selected BAIT stores.

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