Lara Croft Reboot with Alicia Vikander
Written by: Staff

Do you guys remember the Lara Croft Tomb Raider movie from a while back that starred Angeli Jolie? It was actually 15 years ago that it debuted, and it pretty much catapulted Jolie into super-stardom status. The action-adventure movie made a ton at The Box Office, so it’s no wonder¬†that Hollywood is making a reboot and trying to cash in for the second time. This time around, the movie will feature the sexy Swede actress, Alicia Vikander. In our opinion, Vikander is the real deal. Ever since we saw her play a sexy android in Ex Machina, we’ve been totally enamored. So even though we don’t know that much about this reboot launching in 2018, we’re pretty sure that the movie is worth seeing.

We’ll keep you updated as we got more news about The Tomb Raider Reboot.¬†

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