Levi’s Vintage Presents The Golden Handshake
Written by: Staff

The truth is this: in the sphere of denim, you are only as good as the jeans fabric you use for your product. For an iconic brand like Levi’s, the choice was simple. It was either the best or nothing at all. Cone Denim Mill, based in North Carolina, first started off in 1891. To this day, it is still revered as one of the best and most authentic denim mills around. In 1915, Levi Strauss & Co. entered into a “secret handshake” agreement with Cone Mill, making the North Carolina factory the exclusive supplier of Levi’s proprietary Shrink-to-Fit denim for the production of all Levi’s Lot 501 Jeans. This momentous agreement has come to be known as “The Golden Handshake.” 

To celebrate the 100-year anniversary of this all-American agreement, Levi’s Vintage is paying homage to this heritage denim mill with reproductions of original denim styles created through the union. The images in the new lookbook are authentic and honest, and show a real connection between working class Americans and the workwear staple that is such an integral element of their lives. 

For lovers of vintage denim, the F/W collection from LVC is one you should definitely check out. Read more here. 

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