By now, we all know that when you are buying any type of luxury product, you are paying for the brand’s lofty reputation and elite market value, rather than the actual product itself. Because let’s be honest, you can get the same thing a 1000x cheaper at countless other discount shops.

Case in point, this new ultra-rich Ping Pong set from Louis Vuitton. According to LV standards, this doesn’t even boast the most luxury of materials; it’s wood and canvas, but wait, the LV monogram logo makes a cameo, hence elevating the total price to $2210.

So in effect, what you’re getting are 2 Ping Pong paddles, 4 regular-size balls, and a nice canvas case. This is definitely one for the dad, grad, or boyfriend who has everything already. And you know what, if you have it like that, why not?!

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