M.A.B A/W 2015
Written by: Ozam All Images courtesy of M.A.B

Designer Martin Asbjørn Bjerre (M.A.B) is not trying to be unnecessarily fancy with his clothes.  He understands men and just wants to give them clothes they can wear.  M.A.B’s A/W 2015 collection is pure dramaless quality clothes with authentic character and alluring variety.  The color choice is extremely endearing with grays, blacks, whites, forest greens and camel beige.  Martin plays around with tailored suits, fitted pants, sportswear jerseys, leather jackets, shearling combinations, coats and cargo sweatpants.  The collection is a great mixture of hard and soft textures that conjure thoughts of a sensitive bad boy going on a first date. There is also definite youthful exuberance to the collection and there is no doubt that the Copenhagen based brand is fully aware of what is wearable in today’s world.  M.A.B continuously proves with its collections that you don’t have to be a self absorbed peacock to standout.  See some looks from the collection below:

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