M.Nii Fall/Winter 2013
Written by Staff

The story of surf-inspired brand M.Nii is an interesting one. It’s one of those heritage-driven tales of handcrafted passion that has captured the imagination of the fashion world in recent years. The brand hails from Waianae, Hawaii – and it’s named after a tailoring shop that used to create durable trunks for surfers during the 1950’s. The waves at nearby Makaha during that time were known to be the roughest and most violent around, and the daredevil surfers who even attempted them could never find trunks that could withstand their ferocity. That’s until they discovered the M.Nii tailoring shop and starting flocking there in masses because his reinforced “bombproof” trunks could withstand anything the ocean threw at them. 

The brand was revived in 2012 by surf/fashion industry veterans John Moore and Randy Hild, and here we present their Fall/Winter 2013 collection. It consists of sensible knit sweaters and jackets with block-striping details, easy-fitting chinos and woven button-ups that work perfectly either dressed-up or down. Let’s put it like this – after hitting the waves the whole day, these are the excellent clothes to slip into for evening libations and a beach Luau. 

See the slideshow above, and for more information, visit www.mnii.com

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