Brendan Fallis does it all. He’s a fashion model, entrepreneur, highly sought after DJ, artist manager, and in general, just a really cool guy. That last part may be due to the fact that he hails from Canada, which tends to produce some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet in th your life. Oh, and did we mention, his significant other is the equally driven NYC entrepreneur and DJ, Hannah Bronfman? How about that for a perfectly synergistic couple? We caught up with Mr. Fallis on a brisk spring Soho afternoon to see what’s going on in his busy life these days.

“I keep things clean and easy. No logos. Nothing avant-garde. Just little twists on classics…”

Is there anything particular about your childhood in Canada that drew you towards music?

I have always loved music as far as I can remember.  I think the first real memory of getting deep into music was doing an “Air Band” performance to ‘The Temptations – My Girl’ at my local ski club one night.  That was the first time I learned lyrics of a song and what music really meant. That, and my 8 years of piano lessons.

When did your first big break in DJ’ing happen – the one that really opened the doors for you …

Big breaks definitely come with different context.  What seemed like a big break at the time when I had just started was being moved from a dead Monday night restaurant to the Friday night shift! I was thrilled and now would actually be playing for people……eating! Getting to DJ my first Vogue event was a big one though.  It separated me from the regular nightlife sets I was used to and gave me a new path to conquer.

What are your favorite parties/events to play – the ones that really have your juices pumping and are the most enjoyable?

I love to play nightclubs for the energy of the crowd.  As you can imagine, it’s more exciting then playing a cocktail event as far as being loud and rowdy.

Do you have some personal all-time favorite tracks that you manage to sneak into most sets you play?

Jack & Diane by John Mellancamp.  Might sound strange, but parts of it used correctly always get things going in a fun direction.

Can you walk us through a typical day for you … what is the Brendan Fallis daily grind?

A typical day isn’t that riveting.  Waking up, hitting the gym first thing, then making a smoothie.  From there, it’s mostly emails and meetings, just like most of us I assume.  I try to work on music in the studio 2-3 times a week.  That’s my next push.

You also manage Theophilus London – what’s like being an artist yourself and managing another talent?

It’s actually been such an interesting social experiment being managed and being a manager at the same time.  It’s proven to be very beneficial for my learning and ways to strive in business.  Lots to learn from both sides of the table and I feel lucky to be able to get a well-rounded view.

Fans have been waiting on a new Theophilus London – when can we expect that to drop?

New music coming very soon!  Full album later this year.

Your exemplary style has also been well-cataloged. How would you describe your style and fashion sensibility?

I keep things clean and easy. No logos. Nothing avant-garde. Just little twists on classics so I won’t feel too crazy looking back at pictures of myself in the years to come.

What are your favorite fashion brands – and how has your style has evolved all the years?

Right now I’m loving Common Projects.  So simple and clean, yet stylish.  Really loving Paige denim and Ksubi jeans. And you can’t forget RRL and Nike.

You also seem like a gent who’d have fine assortment of athletic and designer sneakers – would we be right in assuming this?

Yep, I like to have a good catalogue of Nike Flyknits on-hand. That is the best running shoe to come out in quite some time I feel. 

You and Hannah Bronfman are quite the intriguing people – what’s a pastime you guys love to do together that most people will be surprised about?

Tough to say what people would be surprised about these days with everyone sharing everything so readily on Instagram.  I guess one thing we love to do is watch previews, not just a few, but like an hours worth.  It’s more of my passion, but I’ve made her learn to love it as well.  It’s like watching so many movies without even seeing them, but then committing to the few that look best.

What other projects are coming up for you in 2014 that you can share with us?

Got a few sticks in the fire, but nothing that I would like to talk about until they really come to fruition.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to hold on preaching until you know it’s concrete.

NYC can be a city that can either make or break you – what’s your secret for thriving and succeeding in Gotham?

Agreed 100%, it’s a tough city if you let it get the best of you.  I stay positive, constantly strive for balance across work, exercise, socializing and rest, and keep an open mind to meeting people and networking.  The best part about New York besides the natural energy the city has, is the vast network of people who live here.  Once you find a way to tap into the network of greatness for your vision, you need to keep the momentum and continue to let it flow.

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