Manifesto: Buy better clothes. Buy less of them. Wear them more

You should always have the “go to” item in your closet. For us at SNC, ISAORA comes to mind. Co-founded by Marc Daniels and Rick Hendry in 2009, New York-based ISAORA falls into an amorphous category of athletic techwear. Along with Stone Island, Arc’teryx, Acronym, Outlier, and a smattering of other designers. This brand has been on our radar off and on. They haven’t been too consistent with drops from season to season, but that’s ok. If you can get your hands on this garment then know you’re getting quality goods that will last you for the long run – we might even be talking a future vintage collectible. More importantly and better explained by Marc Bain in his article, A shopper’s manifesto: These three simple questions are the key to quitting fast fashion, “Buy better clothes. Buy less of them. Wear them more.”
ISAORA–pronounced “eesa-ora“–is one of the men’s brands determined to merge high-tech performance materials (a range of fabrics that breathe well, keep you dry, or insulate you from cold) with a classic, timeless design.

Capitalizing on the direct-to-consumer model, that promises value by cutting out the middleman and keeping the marketing budget close to zero. ISAORA announced its plans to take the e-commerce route a while back, well now the brand, has decided to open its doors again to limited stockists like Barneys.

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