Marius Petrus S/S 2015
Written by: Kwesi Adjin

Antwerp based Menswear label by Belgian designer Marius ‘Petrus’ Op ‘t Eynde (pictured directly below), comes with pure fashion goodness embedded in his S/S 2015 Collection.  Marius Petrus, the brand, is known for emphasizing masculinity in designs and Marius, the designer, underscores this by using the name ‘Petrus’ in honor of his grandfather. Marius is no slouch when it comes to design; he is actually very well pedigreed.  After graduating in 2011 from ‘Artez’, a vocational school in Arnhem (one of the best design schools in the Netherlands), he launched the Marius Petrus label in 2012 after completing intense internship stints at Alexander McQueen’s menswear department and Raf Simons’ studio in Antwerp.  Marius also has a deep love for graphic design going back to his younger days which is apparent in many of his designs.  He describes his brand’s aesthetic as wearable high end street wear which is not necessarily affordable. His work is heavily influenced by travel, art, architecture and photography – his strong visual expressiveness can be seen and fully appreciated on his Tumblr page. We should note that Marius has a side job as a denim designer for Wrangler jeans.  This dude is legit!

The Marius Petrus S/S 2015 Collection is simply ‘FRESH’.  The collection entitled ‘IUGIS’ is all about the perpetual traveler who is expanding his horizons with every new experience and destination.  The looks are contemporary and sporty but with crispy cleanness that make them quite classic.  The juxtaposition of masculinity and crispness is quite unique. The color palette comprises of mostly blues, whites, blacks and grays, and he is not shy to use bold graphics individually or as part of ensembles (or even combined with plainer fabric as can be seen with shirt seen below).  Tailoring in the collection is precise, and although there is a roominess to the clothes, there is also a sense fit-consciousness and a cognizance of proper dimensions.  Some of the combinations are presented in suit-form and have a uniform/military feel to them but still maintain hints of detail that inform us about the designer’s precision.  

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