Mark McNairy S/S 2015 ‘Whatever’ – NYFW
Written by: Kwesi Adjin Photography provided Steve Dool of BPMW

Style.No.Chaser was on the scene at The Mark McNairy New Amsterdam Spring/Summer 2015 runway show that took place on September 7, 2014 at Artbeam Studios to witness theatrics, passion and genius.  The show did not disappoint.  There were rapper antics, celebrity attendants and a very electric atmosphere.  It was over all too soon, but what we saw, we thoroughly enjoyed.  To relive the moments vicariously through us, see a detailed description of what we saw below…..

“True to form, the show started with a real surprise – Travi$ Scott appeared in a robot-like ………” 

Mark McNairy was at it again showing his Spring/Summer 2015 urban cool installment for New York Fashion Week at Artbeam Studios.  The collection titled “Whatever” was quite electric and it had a strong sense of excitement and surprise.  Complete with a celebrities like Chris Bosh and JR Smith in attendance, the audience sat fretfully awaiting the unknown.  True to form, the show started with a real surprise – Travi$ Scott appeared in a robot-like stance (in cadet shorts and a birdie jacket from the collection), rotating his left forearm like a toy soldier involved in a skating accident.  He then began to briskly walk down the runway (almost like a real model) before starting to gallop all over the place like an ill-trained dressage horse. At this point in time, the energy was amped to a very palpable level.  We all knew we were in for a treat because Travi$ was an omen letting us know that the show would not disappoint.

The clothes that came next were very wearable and were a mix of ‘tailored cool’ and ‘casual sophistication’.  The color pallet was quite generous and there was very liberal use of camouflage, plaid, stripes, tie-die, etc.  Double breasted jackets which were worn mostly with shorts looked sharp matched or mismatched. Models like Fernando Cabral and Adonis Bosso made the clothes pop with strong struts and menacing grimaces.  One of the models actually walked the runway guzzling a bottle of beer.  The whole thing was like a weird movie.  Just when the energy started to fade a little, here comes Travi$ Scott again – this time in a black and red tunic and dark shorts, swaying and hurtling with a demented stare.  It was quite a scene see it below.

An ensemble of note was the camouflage pants, wingtip shoes, shithead t-shirt, vegan brown leather moto jacket, and matching brown leather fedora.  As you can see below, it is a fantastic combination.

Let’s not forget about the girls.  In addition to his SS15 collection, Mark also presented six men’s looks from Woolrich Woolen Mills (WWM) on female models at the show.  Mark is the creative director at WWM.  Here, Mark had a healthy dose of loose fitting sexy pants and shirts (t-shirts and button down varieties).  The model girls caught some eyes but could not take the shine away from the very dominating male models who were in rare form.. 

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