Massimo Dutti Spring/Summer 2016 Collection – Extreme Lux
Written by: Moglibos All images courtesy of Massimo Dutti

Sometimes you look into your closet and realize that you are ‘streetwear –ed’ out and your being yearns for something sophisticated, crisp and debonair. Your sweet selvedge denims, limited edition sneaks and vintage t-shirts plead for a little respite.  Those emotional states are all hints for you to up your game – in other words, you should reach for Massimo Dutti’s Spring/Summer 2016 Collection titled Extreme Lux.  The collection displays elegant refined clothing that would make 007 ask you for fashion tips.  The Spanish brand, with the aid of models Garrett Neff and Oriol Elcacho, deploys a fashion assault on the mundane malaise that passes too easily as style these days.  Massimo Dutti utilizes old-fashioned flair and intricate but subtle details to engrave tailored excellence on your psyche.

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