Written by: Carmelo Guastella, Artistic Barber & Men’s Grooming Expert

There is no doubt there has been huge growth in the men’s grooming industry in the last 10-15 years. We have seen the launch of so many products aimed at men which have created more confusion than benefits.  

Men are spending more time on their appearance and understand more than ever that image is important in the work place and socially.

But are men doing things right? 

I have noticed that 8 out 10 men are not able to style their hair properly so even a good haircut can look like a disaster if it’s not styled properly.

Here are some mistakes men make when styling their hair:

  • Use gels which make hair look wet and exposing the scalp giving the impression of thinning hair.
  • Use waxes that can make hair look greasy and dirty especially in summer.
  • Most men say they don’t have time to use styling products in the morning.
  • Use too much product; a little product can go a long way.
  • Neglect the importance of a good haircut which means minimal product is needed.

Finally, men should understand that they need to seek professional advice on which product to USE, HOW and the CORRECT amount.  see examples or well styled hair below:

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