Written by: Carmelo Guastella, Artistic Barber & Men’s Grooming Expert

Men’s hair trends are getting interesting each year.  Men are giving more importance to their image, both socially and at the office.

Here’s my view on the latest men’s hair trends as seen in recent fashion shows and on the streets of London.  In the last year we have seen a rise of guys growing their hair longer especially on top. Your stylist needs to take into account a variety of factors, including age, hair type, profession, face and head shape, in order to achieve the perfect fit.


More men are moving away from the short back and sides and are now embracing their curls or waves. You need a good hairdresser/barber who understands your features and your hair in order to create a great shape.

This is perfect look for guys with wavy or curly hair – grow your hair to a medium length and let your hairdresser sculpt what best suits the shape of your face. This is all about the natural looking waves or curls with minimal use of hair products. This type of hair will be popular as we gradually move away from the buzz cut and instead choose to portray healthy looking hair. 


I have combined the fringe and quiff in one category because if this haircut is done properly it can be styled both up, down on the forehead or somewhere in between. Nowadays there is no perfect way to execute this look.   In the past we have seen this look with neat side parts or near perfect quiffs but going forward, we will see more disheveled and natural styles. The length of top is about 3 – 6 inches and the sides are about 0.5 to 1 inch long.  This cut is achieved with clever cutting techniques that create a soft texture with minimal usage of styling products. The natural texture of the hair is enhanced without giving it a greasy look.


I am seeing a rise in the George Clooney age category interested in improving or changing their hairstyles which they have had since they were kids. We know men are creatures of habit and this age category is definitely looking for a change.

There is still a long way to go as many men of this age still don’t care much about their hair.  They opt for noticeably cheap haircuts that age them even more.  This demographic will slowly break their habits and start choosing more stylish haircuts and learn how to properly style their hair.

Walking around London I notice guys with expensive cars, nice suits and a Rolex but their haircut lets them down – you easily notice the misguided actions and marks of the clippers used to create the short sides.  There is very little blending within the haircut and the hairline is not natural – all these are signs of a quick unartful haircut.

All in all, I am optimistic because it is very apparent that there are exciting times for men’s hair ahead. It is a slow process as men’s grooming is a fairly new thing but it is growing in leaps and bounds year by year.

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