Metaphore by Daisuke Kawaguchi – F/W 2015
Written by: Staff

The mark of a true designer is one who knows how to play around with both knits and wovens (most importantly knits) and produce garments that become instant wardrobe favorites. Daisuke Kawaguchi worked for many years with the highly respected label SOPHNET, and with his own label METAPHORE, he’s sending out nothing but winners. 

Lovers of progressive menswear will gobble up his luxurious chunky turtlenecks with contrast-colored cuffs; and they will certainly go crazy over his quilted baseball shirt which might just be the new layering innovation for the coming Fall/Winter season.Don’tep on the fitted shell jacket with the chest embroideries either, it’s pure freshness. This is one of those pieces that draws in compliments like bees to honey. All through the collection, he showcases a skill for taking laid-back, casual looks and infusing them with the craftsmanship and deft detailing that comes only from years of practice and dedication. Methaphors often have more than one meaning; however for Kawaguchi’s new collection, all the meanings connote to wearable, forward-looking apparel. 

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