Michael K. Williams X 1800 Tequila
Written by: Johnnie Fazio

These days, the Brooklyn actor Michael Kenneth Williams has truly stepped onto the scene as an A-list actor to watch. Most people probably got to know him as Omar Little on the award-winning, gritty drama, The Wire. But now he has gone on to be one of the most formidable character actors around. He’s been on Boardwalk Empire, the critically acclaimed movie Inherent Vice, The Gambler and is also featured in the upcoming film Anesthesia along Kristen Stewart. The latter was just debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival. 

Williams was recently tapped to be the second subject subject in the new “Enough Said” video series by 1800 Tequila. The first episode featured Good Fellas actor Ray Liotta, and keeping with the authentic gangster theme, Mr. MKW is next up to bat. In the video, the actor walks into an empty nightspot accompanied by a Jay Electronica soundtrack. He talks about his East Flatbush, BK stomping grounds and how it influences his life and work till today. This is what he said with regards to participating in this series: “1800 Tequila champions an aura of uncompromising toughness – something I couldn’t have grown up without on the streets of Brooklyn,” says Michael K. Williams. “As an actor I’m ecstatic to be shooting back in my neighborhood and telling my real story to 1800 Tequila fans.” 

Check it out below: 

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