MinSu Kim ‘PIDA’ Collection
Questions by Oscar Trivoli All images courtesy of MinSu Kim

Recent Parsons School of Design graduate MinSu Kim unveils a collection so riveting, it conjures deep sentiments of the agony of soul searching for the essence of beauty.  The collection titled “PIDA”, a Korean verb meaning “to blossom” hits all the right notes on a metaphorical organ that plays a song that expresses pain and the strength that subsequently comes from being hurt.  The clothes/patterns/fabrics in the collection have a deep resemblance and connection to tattoos and it is no shock that MinSu Kim actually apprenticed at a tattoo parlor to attain the knowhow needed to mark the leather pieces.  Dark brooding model Bradley Soileau is used with great effect to bring the collection to life with dangerous dynamism.  Graphic freedom, bad boy rock n roll romance and cutting edge fearless style is depicted fearlessly in MinSu Kim’s graduate collection. FYI, Minsu Kim is now a licensed tattoo artist. 

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