Mister French Perfects The Linen Shirt
Written by: Staff

Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend and the kick-off of the summer days ahead, we present to you the linen shirt you’ll want to be rocking for all your summer adventures. It comes your way via the newly launched brand Mister French. This new shirting company is the brainchild of two brothers Mike and Matt French, and it’s meant to take your creative summer leisure to the next level. 

The  Mister French linen shirt has a distinct fit and comes in several unique colors. It has a trim fit but it’s also not too constricting, because hey, who wants to wear a tight shirt when you’re relaxing on a hard earned vacay? The linen comes from Italian textile mills and the buttons are all mother of pearl. There is also a secret little surprise in these shirts. Each one comes with a signature “Sunset loop”  located behind the shirt placket. This is to hold your sunglasses when the day transitions from sunshine to nightfall. The short-sleeved shirts cost $133 and the long-sleeved ones are $148. 

For more info, visit www.misterfrench.com

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