We live in an extremely wonderful time. A time where innovative people make it a point to take the most annoying, stressful and gruesome tasks and simplify them to what in hindsight seems like the most common of common senses.  At Style.No.Chaser, we are huge fans of disruption of any sort.  We believe old ways of thinking are meant to be jettisoned and new out-of-the-box thinking should be thoroughly embraced.  Unpakt is a company that has to be retained in everyone’s memory at all costs. This company has found a foolproof way to make the moving process one that does not incite the ponderance of existential theories. 

Emily Potts, Online Marketing Manager at Unpakt was kind enough to connect with Style.No.Chaser and illuminate us on how Unpakt is disrupting the mostly unpleasant moving process and making it a lot more bearable.  Unpakt also supplied Style.No.Chaser with an exclusive discount code valid until July 2015.  See the interview below.

“Depending on the season we recommend wearing comfortable jeans or shorts, a breathable 100% cotton shirt …”

Please tell us a little about Unpakt’s business, philosophy, culture and ultimate goal?

Unpakt is the first online marketplace for moving services (think Expedia but for moving!). Users can compare over 500+ moving companies, book a guaranteed price and then sit back and relax.

Our philosophy is to make moving easy, transparent and less time-consuming.

Before Unpakt, planning a move used to be a time-consuming process. The problems included finding a reputable moving company, getting quotes from multiple movers so you could compare your options, understanding exactly what was included in your quote and making sure your price would be honored.

Unpakt is the solution to all of these problems. The ultimate goal is to be the best moving resource for anyone moving by providing users the ability to compare moving companies, prices and reviews in one place at the same time. With Unpakt, users can now make the best decision for their move with all the information they need!

Unpakt’s culture is fun and energetic! We’re trying to bring moving into the 21st century. We also play a mean game of ping pong and have matches in the office regularly!

How was the idea for Unpakt (the company) born?

The idea for Unpakt was born from seeing all the problems in the moving industry and wanting to solve them. Unpakt allows people who are moving to be able to compare moving companies, prices, and reviews all at once in just minutes! No more calling around, scheduling annoying appointments and getting an estimate. With Unpakt, the prices are guaranteed so there are no move day surprises (the price only changes if a user changes their move details).

Who is Unpakt’s target demographic?

Unpakt’s target demographic is anyone who can use a computer or tablet and wants to be able to compare moving companies and prices online! Unpakt provided users who want to be able to save time and money by comparing all the available options. If you’re not interested having to research, call, and schedule appointments with multiple moving companies only to be able to compare a price estimate, then Unpakt is for you.  

Could you expand a little on what Unpakt’s valet-style storage business is all about?

Unpakt doesn’t offer valet-style storage. However, Unpakt does offer users the ability to compare storage-in-transit through our moving companies. Storage-in-transit is a great service if you have to move out of your old apartment before your new apartment is ready. The moving company will store your belongings in their secure warehouse until you can move into your new place.

What tips are absolutely essential to take into consideration when moving?

Start early! We often see users who are looking for a moving company just days before they are moving. You don’t need to know 60 days in advance but try to plan ahead at least 20-30 days before your move because it will give you time to choose the best moving company and get everything else done. Also, if your move day is flexible, you’ll be able to save money by comparing the cost of moving on different days with different companies. Once you’ve chosen a moving company, it’s essential to stay organized. If the thought of moving is overwhelming, head over to our blog where we have great articles on everything you need to know including the best moving tips, what moving supplies you’ll need, and how to pack.

What is one fun fact related to moving that most people do not realize?

The average person will move 7 times in their lifetime! That means 7 new places to call home and make your own.

Since Style.No.Chaser takes fashion and lifestyle quite seriously, what attire (with details) would Unpakt recommend for moving day?

That’s a great question! Depending on the season we recommend wearing comfortable jeans or shorts, a breathable 100% cotton shirt and comfortable shoes with good traction on the bottom. Even if you hired a full service moving company, you’re most likely going to start unpacking your stuff on your move day so wear something comfortable and that you can easily move around in. Don’t wear anything too expensive because you don’t want to risk ruining it by getting a stain or tear in the fabric. We also recommend that you wear something that has pockets because being able to have moving supplies like markers and tape close by will come in handy. Always stick to the basics, be comfortable and keep your feet protected.

Where can people learn more about and keep up with Unpakt’s services?

You can learn more about us on the Unpakt website and the Unpakt blog.  For the latest updates stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Unpakt would love to provide Style.No.Chaser readers with a special discount – the promo code STYLEMOVE15 will take $15 off any booked move through Unpakt and is valid for 6 months or until July 31st, 2015

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