NB Goes Luxe with the 247
Written by: Frank Muza

We are used to seeing more robust lifestyle sneakers from New Balance, but it seems the brand is switching speeds and starting the year off with a sleeker offering. At the beginning of 2017, NB is putting out the 247 Luxe which was designed with the modern, urban lifestyle in mind. This sneaker definitely pays homage to the current trend of lighter, more fashionable sneakers, that are currently popular on the market. It is crafted from full grain leather and features asymmetrical engineered perforation details. The inside of the sneaker boasts a synthetic nubuck sock construction and has a stylish toe vamp and a noteworthy collar strap. 

The new 247 Luxe sneaker will be available Jan 7th, 2017 and the retail price will be $119.95

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