NEIGHBOUR Winter 2013
Written by: Staff Photography by: Ian Lanterman

Dressing for winter should be categorized as an art form. The trick is being able to seamlessly balance fashion and function. Sometimes, you can find a winter coat that looks splendid, but when it comes to protecting you from violent 30-below winds, it’s a total failure. And other times, the inverse occurs. You score a perfectly warm coat but it honestly makes you look like a haggard New York city hobo. Thankfully, the winter collection from Neighbour, an expertly curated menswear shop in Vancouver, Canada provides some very versatile and stylish options. In their latest winter editorial, they offer an array of dapper winter gear from respected names like Our Legacy, Unis, Patrik Ervell and Christophe Lemaire. Folks, these are cold weather clothes for the refined man – take a look in the slideshow above.

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