Horween & Herringbone

New Balance NB1 – Horween & Herringbone
Written by: Staff

New Balance continues to step up their lifestyle game. For the Holiday season, they focus on their menswear-leaning clientele with the NB1 Horween & Herringbone 998 release. This release is part of their customizable NB1 program and it allows customers to design their own New Balance 998 Models. 

While supplies last, sneaker enthusiasts will be able to incorporate premium Horween leather accents in natural, black and oxblood colors. The Herringbone offerings come in the following colors: rain cloud, slate green and harbor blue. These options are available on the NB1 platform and can be copped for a retail price of $219.95. The good folks at New Balance hooked the SNC team up with 2 fresh customized pairs – here is one of them below. 

The new material options are available starting Dec 14th. To get them, just visit here: newbalance.com/nb1/explore/

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