These days, the sneaker game has become dominated with a lot of hoopla, bombast and hype. It almost seems like everything needs to have some kind of unique designer angle or be a Limited Edition collaboration release. Either that, or it has to have some type of “HypeBeast” tag: Dad sneaker, Retro Jordan, Rick Owens avant-gardism, and the list goes on and on.

It’s all a lot to follow, and that’s why, for the last several years, we’ve always been staunch supporters of the sneaker brand, Common Projects. CP kicks adhere to simple code of quality and minimalism, and their products utilize the finest materials with a deft hand towards design. The Fall 17 collection sticks to that same script: clean Chelsea boots, pared down ankle-highs, and different versions of their popular Achilles kicks.

Check out the cool kicks from their FW17 collection below:

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