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The Scrambler by Ducati was an extremely successful bike for the Italian motorcycle manufacturer when it was first released in the 60’s and 70’s. Some of its distinct features included its wide handlebars, centered riding position and its stylish and rounded lines. It’s design was simultaneously modern and classic, and its bright color accents contrasted perfectly with its black running gear. 

For 2015, Ducati has decided to bring back this highly regarded motorcycle to capitalize on the surging demand for all things vintage we are currently experiencing. Even though the new Scrambler stays true to the original vibe and nostalgic feel of the original, it’s very much a contemporary bike. It features a rear swing arm made from high quality aluminum, and the engine covers and steel of the teardrop tank have been upgraded with front and rear LED lighting and LCD instruments.

The new Ducati Scrambler will be released in 4 versions:

– The Icon Version (above): which will be available in yellow and red. (MSRP: $8,595)

– The Urban Enduro: which will be available in its “Wild Green” paintjob. It’s perfect for those who love riding on city streets or country backroads (MSRP: $9,995)

– The Full Throttle: For riders who love flat-track racing and have a penchant for pushing the pedal to the metal. (MSRP: $9,995)

– The Classic: This one pays homage to classic 70s Scrambler, and is excellent for a smooth and leisurely weekend ride. (MSRP: $10,995)

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