Next Level, Weatherproof Leather : Mario Latorre
Written and Photographed by: Ben Ferrari

Mario Latorre is a 25 year old brand started in Colombia by, you guessed it, Mario Latorre.  The brand is just starting to place their footprint into the States and they are rapidly gaining traction.  The brand is focused on what they refer to as ‘Smart Luxury Connection’.  They have pioneered (using prorietary nano-technology that they co-developed with one of the biggest nano-tech companies in the world) water resisitant leather.  The leather is treated by hand and cures for 24 hours, creating a truly remarkable product.  It actually works.  Current offerings included a scaled down, saddle leather duffel that is truly covetable and an unbelievably fly crocodile skin full-size duffel that I’m considering selling all my photo gear for.  The exotic skins are all sourced in Latin America by the same house that supplies the very respectable Nancy Gonzales.  The collection also includes some beautiful wallets in a variety of styles and functionalities.  

Mario Latorre is currently spearheaded by Paola Garrido, daughter of the founder, and her husband Daniel Garrido.  Palola designs all the products while Daniel focuses on the technical aspect.  They are leading the field and pushing the boundaries of what is possible by collaborating with some of the smartest people in the world to create a stylish and functional set of products that can resonate with every man, everywhere.  Practical, functional, style is what modern menswear is all about and Mario Latorre is the pinnacle of this concept.  Future plans for the company include perfecting the nano-tech process to create a 100% waterproof product, which will be the only offering of it’s kind in the world.  We’ll be ready for it… Cheers!

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