Nike ACG Is Back!
Written by: Geo Hagan Images Courtesy of: Nike

It’s back like it never left. For those heads who came up in the 90’s, you’re already very familiar with Nike ACG. The ACG stands for All Conditions Gear, and this thorough division of Nike used to make some of the illest outdoor apparel around – not to mention their flavorful array of sneaker/boot combos. Actually reminiscing back to that 90’s era, if you ever left the crib sporting your Polo cargos, Nautica spring jacket with matching five-panel cap and your hard-body ACG boots, your cipher was complete and you were pretty much untouchable in the streets.

“For those still heavy on 90’s era nostalgia, this is practically a no-brainer …”

Well it’s 2015 now, and after being away for a while, Nike ACG is back and looking better than ever. It couldn’t have come back at a better time because all around us, the worlds of athletic apparel and streetwear have merged into one harmonious lane. Brands like Publish, Kith, John Elliott + Co, Todd Snyder + Champion are definitely leaders in this new movement.

The new ACG collection is now under the company’s NikeLab division. The design team is spearheaded by respected names like Nike vet Matthew Millard and Berlin wunderkind Errolson Hugh (designer of ACRONYM). The new stuff looks dark and futuristic (just how we like it) and the technological advances are plentiful.

Standout items you’ll find include the: ACG Tech Fleece pants, ACG Pocket Tee, ACG Tech Fleece Funnel Sweatshirt, ACG Responder Backpack, ACG 2-in-1 jacket and the ACG Flyknit Trainer Chukka SFB.

Technology upgrades like Nike Tech Fleece, Nike Dryfit Wool and Nike FlyKnit along with the sleek utilitarian design make this one of the must-have collections to own for 2015. And for those who are still heavy on 90’s era nostalgia, this is practically a no-brainer.

If you’re interested in copping some pieces, you can shop the collection here. 

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