No. 288 F/W 2014
Written by: Geo Hagan

When it comes to seeking directional and versatile footwear, it’s very easy to find yourself in a design cul-de-sac. Many designers, in the quest of creating something totally new, end up producing styles that are just not realistic for everyday use. Then there are the brands who opt for the classic route and they create silhouettes that we’ve seen a million times before – double yawn.

New York based footwear brand No.288 is attempting something unique. It’s aiming to deliver classically influenced design spiked with an international lifestyle aesthetic. The brands founders are Jung Suh and Benyam Assefa (hailing from South Korea and Ethiopia), and their eclectic background is a perfect reflection of their design aspirations. In their debut collection for Fall 2014, you will see tennis shoes and low-tops fashioned from suede via Portugal and leather from Italy. There are even a few bolder pieces with asymmetric lacing details (shown above). Another feature we really like is mostly cosmetic, but it works. Each shoe features the roman numerals “II VIII VIII” stitched on the spine. It’s a great branding touch that sets their shoes apart. 

See the different looks in the slideshow above. 

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