Nonnative F/W 2014
Written by: Staff

Japanese brand Nonnative pulls inspiration from travel, global discovery and the world around them to produce composed and wearable collections each season. They expertly dissect and reconstruct details from military clothing, outdoor clothing and workwear and bring these elements together in a modern and timeless manner. Their underlying philosophy is that quality should be experienced first-hand to be fully appreciated, so  supreme fabric selection and superior craftsmanship are standard benchmarks for this brand. 

For Fall 2014, Nonnative pulls out all the stops to deliver wearable, comfortable and stylish pieces to see you through the colder months. You’ll find chunky knits, lumberjack style flannels, quilted outerwear, workwear-themed jackets, sleek-fitting parkas and some luxuriously constructed sweatpants. They have also mastered the silhouette of their pants and denim bottoms – they have a trim and neat look that emphasize the frame without looking overly skinny. We think you’ll really appreciate these ensembles.

Check them out in the slideshow above. 

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