Oren Isaac Eyewear – Merging Style, Care and Affordability
Written by: Anthony Hagan All Images courtesy of Oren Isaac Eyewear

There is something to be said about a brand, business and founder that understands and empathizes with the plight of a consumer.  There are few such entities out there that embody both the will and the execution prowess to provide a needed service or product to a customer in a convenient, caring and affordable manner.  We believe with Oren Isaac Eyewear (“OIE”), we have found a brand/business that through its highly skilled founder, Emmanuel Aboucaya (seen directly below), is exalting customers’ needs to the top of the priority list where they rightly belong.

OIE is an eyewear e-commerce based optical brand that currently features 27 frame options in an exceptional variety of colorways in its debut collection.  The brand’s website offers a “Fit Your Face” profile where customers are able to curate glasses based on their face shape, favorite colors, and style preference. Other than that, the brand’s very deliberate focus on convenience and practicality allows customers to try up to five pairs of glasses at home for six days. When a customer has identified a pair that fits all their needs, the price is just $98/pair.  As we said earlier, it is quite rare to come across brands that are fully enlightened in non-self-serving ways, but by meeting and learning about OIE, we know that it is not impossible to create useful products and provide them to customers with attention to detail in a price sensitive way.  See our interview with Oren Isaac Eyewear founder, Emmanuel Aboucaya, below.

“A bracelet will never change the way you look or redefine your style! Glasses can give an inside look into your …”

Please give us a little glimpse into your background and also what led you to the creation of Oren Isaac (“OI”) Eyewear?

I started working in an optical store in 1997 in Paris and got my Optical Degree in 2000. I spent 15 years working in recognized optical stores (Selima Boutique) in NY in 2001. I then went back to Paris and opened my first store in 2004 and the second one in 2009. When I was bought out I decided to move in the US with my family and set up an online store because the US online market is more mature than in Europe and because I felt that it also lacked a lot of connoisseurs. 

What niche is Oren Isaac Eyewear trying to fill in the eyewear industry since we already have omnipotent incumbents like Luxottica, hipster draws like Warby Parker and several other lesser knowns continuously flooding the market?

Luxottica is a distributor of recognized brands like Chanel, Prada, and so many luxury other ones. They control, with 2 other majors competitors (Safilo and Marchon), the biggest part of the worldwide market. Their distribution channel and their brands position can’t allow them to offer what we are offering in terms of price and freedom of creativity. We are not competing here but creating a new way to offers the same quality products, often made in the same factories, at the third of their prices, to the demanding customers. Having worked with other brands also gives us an ability to recognize and anticipate the customers’ demands.  We are really proud of our first and upcoming collection! And having dispensed lenses to thousands of customers worldwide allows us to determine the best Lenses options for each of them.

Could you please expand on what you mean by identifying Oren Isaac Eyewear as an “e-commerce based optical brand”?

Oren Isaac eyewear is only distributed online through our brand new webstore: www.orenisaac.com. Just because we are based online does not mean we don’t give the customers the same experience – you can try 5 pairs on at home and choose your favorite. We want our customers to feel they are taken care of from start to finish, which is why the website is very user friendly. If any customer is not happy we will remake the glasses at no extra charge – we want lifetime customers here at OI not just a quick fix. 

Did you seek some venture capital to help with startup costs and maybe to also provide financial advice? 

We have been approached and are being mentored by some investors. However, for now, all of our investments come from me personally.

Where will the majority of your products be primarily manufactured?

China for our current collection, but we are also eyeing some Italian and Japanese manufacturer for future exclusive styles and working with them to create new styles for next Spring. 

With eyewear there is a fine line between exclusivity, trendiness and accessibility, how does Oren Isaac plan to navigate this very tricky and sometimes superficial terrain?

With my previous background working with celebrities we will try to focus on making some collaborative and exclusive styles with different brands and artists. We are also going to be very much engaged with charitable organizations. This should define our identity because we do not only believe that we can just deliver great styles at an incredible price, but we can also engage our brand and customers alike in helping those in need. Being an online brand is the best tool to achieve both together!

Where do you think eyewear falls in the hierarchy of fashion accessories?

NUMBER 1! No disputes. A bracelet will never change the way you look or redefine your style! Glasses can give an inside look into your personality and who you are more than your clothing or other accessories. 

In your view, which iconic individuals were in part defined by their eyewear and what do you think their eyewear did for them?

Gandhi, Freud, Steve Jobs, Woody Allen, John Lennon, Elton John, Michael Jackson and even Harry Potter! Their eyewear became an eternal statement of who they are/were. When Steve Jobs passed away, his frames became very popular, and are now a part of his legacy. Has the frame made the man? Or the other way around? It’s all a question of perception. Maybe those with great visions always have great frames? I believe we love framing the framed ones with their own complicity!

What should we expect in terms of Oren Isaac Eyewear’s release schedule – how often should customers expect new designs/colorways?

Our next collection will bring more great shapes and colors in acetate (high end acetate frames). We will also have a titanium collection and introduce a Sunglasses collection. All these are scheduled for next Spring. Our goal is to deliver a new collection every season. 

What brand/business does Oren Isaac Eyewear look up to and/or aspire to be like or emulate?

Uniqlo – we love their simple yet sophisticated line. The concept of being a proprietary brand that is affordable for the mass market with great quality are all things that Oren Isaac focuses on. They have great packaging as well – very clean and simple. 

Will Oren Isaac Eyewear be open to collaborations with other brands in or out of the eyewear arena?

As mentioned briefly earlier, Oren Isaac is looking forward to collaborating with brands outside of the eyewear arena. For now, we are keeping any collaboration under wraps until the time is right. 

How can people keep abreast with ongoing Oren Isaac Eyewear happenings?

Follow us on social media (@orenisaac) and subscribe to our newsletter! Lots of great happenings for consumers coming up soon! i.e. titanium ready to wear frames and sunglasses in the new year. 

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