Our Legacy – A/W 2014 Campaign
Written by: Staff

Let’s all become Scandinavian for the Fall! If that means dressing in clothes from Our Legacy all autumn long, then we are definitely for it. This impressive Scandinavian brand makes really substantial pieces that you could perhaps find in your grandfather’s closet and then wear for another twenty years. This is not to say their clothes are dated or retro – not at all. The designers just put a lot of time and effort into crafting garments that stand the test of time and eclipse fleeting trends. 

For Fall 2014, the operating theme is “LIGHT” – and this word takes on several meanings. The word itself is used literally in some graphic design elements, and there is a crinkled white suit that might fit better in a resort collection. But it seems that’s the inherent message here: mix and match what you want, and have fun and be lighthearted with your approach to style. The collection includes sturdy leather jackets, 3/4-length hooded parkas, fabric-blocked sweatshirts, sleek bombers and a really handsome herringbone topcoat that we want this very moment. 

See all the looks in the slideshow above.

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