Passionate Dining Experience: 50 Eggs Inc.
Written by: Baxter Rogers All Images courtesy of 50 Eggs

It is extremely inspirational to see something done right.  The pursuit of perfection awakens something in all of us because it is a gentle reminder that everyone has the potential to be excellent.  50 Eggs Inc. has taken the concept of excellence and run with it in the realm of dining.  This innovative company with a focus on Miami is quickly and purposefully approaching the zenith of a perfect overall experience with the aid of passionate and on-of-a-kind people.  Sight, sound, taste, smell and feel are all taken care of at any/all of 50 Eggs Inc.’s establishments.  Seeing passion manifested in such a vivid and thoughtful way demands one’s attention and S.N.C. is proud to be a voice in the choir of change and quality. 

See the interview with 50 Eggs Inc. below: 

“We are driven by our core values, which are flexibility, loyalty, hospitality, and work …”

Please tell us about how 50 Eggs got started and the niche your brand is aiming to fill.

Named one of The Coolest Multi-Concept Companies in the Land by Restaurant Hospitality Magazine, 50 Eggs, Inc. was founded by John Kunkel and owns and operates some of the country’s most popular restaurants, including the James Beard-nominated and award-winning Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, Swine Southern Table & Bar, and Burger Taco Whiskey, better known as “BTW”.  We focus on the complete guest experience: designing every detail of the food and beverage experience, providing training programs to establish a sustainable and motivated team, and evolving our concepts and menus as culinary trends progress.

How many restaurants do you currently have under the 50 Eggs umbrella?

We currently have three restaurants, with a few more exciting concepts opening up this year.

What do all the restaurants under 50 Eggs have in common?

We focus on providing exceptional, culinary-driven dining experiences for our guests, with a strong emphasis on hospitality. We also strive to immerse our guests into a dining setting that compliments the flavors and styles of each cuisine. We pay great attention to detail when creating both the menus and atmosphere for each restaurant.

Does 50 Eggs offer consulting services to non-50 Eggs restaurants or do you just run and operate your own restaurants?

We do offer consulting services, as well as full-service branding and marketing services. Our team consists of experts in beverage, guest services, training, and culinary development.

What is 50 Eggs’ philosophy and/or mission?

We are driven by our core values, which are flexibility, loyalty, hospitality, and work ethic, and lead by our philosophy that “We Can Eat 50 Eggs.”  

It seems most of your restaurants are in Miami, do you have plans for restaurants in other locations?

We opened our flagship restaurant, Yardbird Southern Table and Bar, at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas earlier this year.  We are always looking to grow and expand the 50 Eggs brand.

Are there any trends in the restaurant business that you are currently witnessing?

Sharing has always been a part of our service model since we opened Yardbird Miami, but we’re seeing shares and small plates an increasingly welcomed and popular trend by our guests. 

There are a lot of new services like Blue Apron and Plated that deliver fresh ingredients (with recipes) for sophisticated dishes to people’s homes, how do you think this will affect the restaurant business?

Those programs are good because they expose people to different cuisines and ingredients and allow users to cook quick meals for their families.  We pride ourselves on excellent service, incredible food, and a fun, hospitable dining experience for our guests. Our restaurants encourage shared dining that rivals sitting around your kitchen table with family and friends, while our cocktail programs and menus offer something extra that makes the “going out” experience special. Those elements differentiate dining out from eating at home, and that is why our guests keep coming back. Plus, we always take care of the dishes. 

If you could use three words to describe your brand, what would those be?

Innovation, Hospitality, and Passion.

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See the visual story of 50 Eggs Inc. below:

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