Patrón Tequila Art Challenge
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True spirit connoisseurs know that Patrón Tequila is the bottle you reach for when you are savoring the taste of an absolutely superior white spirit. This Tequila is handmade in small batches using the finest Weber blue agave, and further than that, every single bottle is hand-numbered for singular individuality.  

In addition to being Patrón drinkers, we were pleasantly surprised when we heard about their Art of Patrón competition. Loyal readers of Style.No.Chaser know that we pay as much attention to art and visual inspiration as we do to men’s fashion and lifestyle. The Art of Patrón competition first launched in 2013, and the initiative was meant to inspire Patron drinkers all over the country to use the signature bottle to create unique works of art. The winning entry gets a nice payday of $10,000, in addition to great national exposure. Nine additional finalists also receive $1,000 each.The Patrón bottle is a remarkable piece of art in itself. It is painstakingly handcrafted by skilled glass artisans in Jalisco, Mexico and it’s a fitting vessel for channeling bold and inventive ideas. . 

The winner of the first Patron art challenge was amateur artist Brandon Montgomery – he created a bespoke chess set (shown above and below) from 52 Patron bottles of various sizes. He even used the corks to create individual chess pieces. How awesome is that? 

To enter this year’s “The Art of Patron” bottle art program, applicants simply need to:

– Create an original work of art or functional item that contains, is made from, or depicts any Patron bottle or component thereof
– Visit and follow the links to the Bottle Art entry page
– Upload a photo and a short essay (100 words or less) describing the artwork and the inspiration behind the piece
– Note that no purchase is required, and for more information and to read the official rules, please visit

Let your creativity shine through.

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