Product Alert: New Balance CRT300
Written by: Kwesi Adjin Photography by: Araceli Hagan

New Balance once again blessed us with product that embodies comfort and style.  This time it was the CRT300s with REVlite sole technology.  The CRT300 is a retro derivative of a tennis trainer (the CT300) that was first presented in the late 1970s but now fashioned with a very modern look.  This vintage royal blue trainer is well constructed in technical mesh, suede and leather.  The trainers have a sturdy and very luxurious look to them, and are super lightweight when you lift them.  They definitely catch the eye and literally beg you to wear them.

“The REVlite sole technology kept it very …”

I took them out for a day in the city and my report is as follows:  First of all, I got many questions from people I know as well as strangers wanting to know where I got these slick shoes.  I also had random people come up to me and tell me (sometimes quite intrusively) that they loved the fact that New Balance made stylish sneakers in “wide”.  I actually did not know that so many people had wide feet and found it difficult to find stylish sneakers in other brands.   Another thing that kicked in from the beginning was how comfortable the soles were.  The REVlite sole technology kept it very real.  It was like walking on soft foam but somehow it was solid enough to give my feet the support needed to traverse tricky New York uneven streets, stairs and pavements.  I wore the pair with light colored chinos so the royal blue really popped.  Scuffing was minimal as you can see from the embedded pictures which were taken after my field test.  I really have nothing to complain about with these trainers.  If I were forced to cite a grievance, I would say there was some minor friction in the heel tab or collar area, but I think this was because I wore dressier/rougher socks instead of a softer more athletic pair.  The New Balance CRT 300 gets full points in our book.

Visit New Balance to see what else these shoe wizards are cooking.

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