Public School Pre-Spring 2017 Collection – Fugazys Video
Written by Gretta Winston

Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow the founders and designers of the brand Public School have never shied away from progressive depictions of what they consider ‘style’.  The result has been a cultish following that is quite unparalleled in recent times.  The duo, fresh off their stint as co-creative directors of DKNY, are now fully focused on forwarding the aesthetic of their Public School business.  This renewed vigor and focus has birthed a pre-spring 2017 collection capsuled in a video called “Fugazys”.  The video follows four youths dipped in ultra-fresh gear hitting up the town and getting into several shenanigans with vibrancy, a thirst for life and progression.  We yell out a huge ‘WELCOME BACK’ to the guys and cannot wait to soak up their unbridled creativity and all their newly minted hunger.   See the video below.

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