Raf Simons and Adidas bring the smoke every time they choose to bless us with product.  This time they have chosen to rain down delicious iterations of the Ozweego and Stan Smith sneakers.  The Ozweego comes in four intense combinations that create a futuristic but also somehow an 80’s dad-ish masterpiece – these come black/white as well as four other combos – blue upper with pink bottom, grey upper with green bottom, red upper and glory purple bottom, and deep navy upper with a yellow bottom.  We recommend you buy all of them.

Not to be left out of this glorious party, the iconic Stan Smith sneaker makes a prominent showing in refined leather and a sophisticated (and new) colorway –   pink, yellow, electric blue and cream.  We recommend that you buy all of these as well.  Both the Ozweego and Stan Smith will drop on September, 20th 2018 at Adidas.com and select retailers around the world.

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