Raheim Robinson: The Do’s and Don’ts of Fashion Marketing
Written and Photographed by: Ben Ferrari

Raheim Robinson started out interning by mistake at Bad Boy/Sean John while still in school and bartending on the LES. He worked his way up at SJ and ended his tenure at the end of 2012 as the brand manager for all of the licensed brands under the Sean John label. He also began working with the Public School and Black Apple brands on the side during this time due to a deep belief in both business models. (He was right). Once the door opened for a full time spot on the team as their main marketing/communications guy, they made him an offer he couldn’t refuse (way before the first award). It’s been history in the making ever since …

Check out Raheim’s 12 tips for success in the fashion game below. Cheers!


1. Stay positive

2. Find a good internship and treat it as a real job

3. Ask for advice. Always network. Ever leader was once a student #WNL

4. Set short and long term goals and know that these can be adjusted based on where your career takes you

5. Keep focused and have a plan

6. Never measure your success against someone else’s. No ones plan is ever identical


1. Give into temptation. There are no short cuts in this business

2. Take any internship just for celebrity access.

3. Limit your self to one department learn it all but never spread yourself too thin

4. Ask for recognition if your doing your thing trust someone is always watching

5.  Be afraid to be you, most successful people are where they are because of who they are

6. Bring your personal life to work. Leave your emotions at home 

To follow Raheim online hit him up on Twitter @cncptarcts and Instagram @rahrobinson

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