How do you stand out in a footwear industry that’s dominated by a multitude of brands trying to fill the same limited vacancies? We’ll tell you how. It’s by having an original aesthetic and possessing an unwavering willingness to embrace bold design concepts and new marketing methods. That’s what we’ve seen from Clear Weather, a very directional shoe brand we’ve been scoping out for the last two years. Their products are never boring, and they seem to be affiliating themselves with all the right elements in the industry. We recently caught up with Josh and Brandon Brubaker, the talented blood brothers behind Clear Weather to find out more. Read on below …

“We will keep pushing design and craftsmanship and will definitely be venturing into other products …”

How and when did the Clear Weather brand first come about? 

Clear Weather was founded in December 2014. We both have been designing shoes for a combined 30+ years and just got fed up with all the footwear “rules and opinions” that come along with working for big companies. That being said, we appreciate everything we learned. It was time for us both to execute our vision unfiltered by an environment that always seems to stifle the process.

Is there an overarching philosophy that governs the designs you create? 

“Recreating Classics For The Future” & “Independent /Vision / Composition.”

Where are Clear Weather shoes manufactured and how do you oversee the quality standards of production? 

Our main line is produced in China and Factory Direct. We have a close relationship with the owner and the development team. Having a strong bond with the people that produce your designs is a blessing. Our design aesthetic is pretty simple, which is the most difficult thing for factories. A pattern being off by 2 mm and can change the composition and ruin a design.    

Can you break down the meaning of the name Clear Weather, and where it originates from?

Our logo is a Native American pictograph that means CLEAR WEATHER.

How does the design process go with your brand, and how many styles do you usually put out each year?

Everything really starts with a concept, then we look at drawing to see if it something we would want to wear. Once we send the spec’s to the factory we correct a couple round off photos then we go to the factory to fine tune the designs. The amount all depends on what we feel we are missing in the line.

Are there any celeb/athletes/influencers who are major supporters of your brand? 

Tariq (Black Thought), Usher, Lil John, Justin Bieber, Kaleo , Ty Lawson, Paul George, Matt Harvey, Rickie Fowler

Where do you see the future of Clear Weather going in the next 5-10 years – will you venture into any other products in addition to shoes?

We will keep pushing design and craftsmanship and will definitely be venturing into other products as limited releases— footwear will always be our main focus.

Do you ever do collab projects with other brands/companies? 

We are on or second collaboration with Barney’s NYC for Holiday 2016. We also are currently working on a collection with Common Wealth coming soon for Holiday 2016. 

What do you envision as the ideal lifestyle of someone who fully understands and vibes with the Clear Weather brand? 

Someone that is looking for something new and knows proper design and craftsmanship.

Lastly, are there any surprises coming for the FW16 season and beyond that you can tell us about?

We will be releasing a variety of “Light Weight” inspired silhouettes for our SS17 collection.

For more information and to see Clear Weather’s newest styles, visit

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