Reebok 58 Bright Street Insta Pump Fury Boot
Written by Erving Parker All images courtesy of Reebok

Reebok, through its 58 Bright St. initiative, remixes its classic Insta Pump Fury into a boot that is freakish and Frankenstein-esque at first glance but quickly grows on you as something that is quite rock-able – maybe with well-fitted denim pants or maybe slim fit khakis and an indigo/chambray shirt.  I know there are fashion snobs and fashionistas everywhere that will be appalled by this morphing of old and new concepts but we at Style.No.Chaser applaud Reebok’s 58 Bright St. for finding ingenious ways to inject creativity and uniqueness into a sometimes ordinary shoe environment.  Features of the boot include a winter appropriate Vibram sole, lightweight synthetic uppers, pull tabs, very visible embossed branding, etc.  The Insta Pump Fury Boot is out now so make sure to get a pair for old times’ sake.

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