Fear is so intertwined in our daily lives that it is rare to find an individual who can honestly state that they don’t harbor some form of fear in their psyche.  The omnipresence of fear is partly due to the difficulty defining it.  We know there is something stopping us from achieving full potential, but these bottlenecks tend to come in the form of procrastination, blame, circumstance, finances, etc. and never as boldfaced ‘fear’.  But the truth is that we all know that fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, fear of being found out as an impostor, fear of profuse poverty and so on lie deeply embedded beneath the simple decoy go-to reasons.

We fully admit that the world of fashion (and material stuff) is not necessarily the most spiritually enlightened of industries, however when you are focusing on the most passionate excellence-seeking creators, an element of spirituality is undeniable.  At Style.No.Chaser, we believe it is very possible (and quite frankly should be everyone’s aspiration) to be a well-rounded renaissance being – you can be the freshest cat on the block because of your threads, you can have a healthy appreciation for art, you can be up-to-date on your sneaker knowledge,……… but without sound spiritual grounding, it is all be for naught.

We all need tools to help us get up to speed with things we are deficient in, and when it comes to tuning up your soul, we have found that the book “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer is a must-have.  We don’t believe in panaceas per se because we understand the world is a complex place with reality constantly battling idealism, but we are also aware that information is key to solving most problems.  The Untethered Soul provides some helpful tips to yourself from limitations (another word for fear) and put your on a path to serenity.  There is a freedom that we all seek.  This freedom is starkly opposite to the fear we feel when we envision the achievement of our dreams.  Style.No.Chaser aims to weaponize an army of ‘well-rounded woke-ness’ and The Untethered Soul is one step towards that goal.


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