#Reph’s #Lifestyle #Suggestions
Written and Photographed by: Ben Ferrari

To send you off to the weekend on a positive note.  Our favorite modern day expert on #LoLivin, Reph gives us his 5 tips for living and being well.  Reph’s not a true LoLife himself, but he knows that the modern #LoLivin lifestyle wouldn’t be possible without the original crew.  What’s a LoLife you ask?  The LoLife’s were an old school group of kids from NYC that lived and breathed Polo.  They used to run through Macy’s 50 deep and steal as much Polo as they could, then floss out on the street.  This bloodthirsty Polo addiction is still alive and well today.  With Lo Goose on th Deuce, #Lolivin, and most recently #Pologate, Polo fiends are doing whatever they can to get their eyes and hands on anything from attache cases to capes.  Polo is like the World of Warcraft of men’s fashion.  When you are in it you are IN it.  Like you can’t breathe without Polo anymore.  I wanted Reph to give me 5 tips for copping fly Polo online at LO prices but instead he came back deep with these jewels of insight for living well.  I think he’s scared people will get onto his Polo acquistion tactics, but maybe he’s just trying to share a deeper wealth of wisdom.  You decide.  Follow him on instagram @rephstar .  Cheers!

#Reph’s #Lifestyle #Suggestions

1. Respect the Architect, you know who did it first so respect them…  if you don’t we got google nowa dayz so use it.

2. If you want something you never had, do something you’ve never done.

3. Good things take time, stop trying to rush things.

4. Don’t use all your happiness up in one place, spread it like butter.

5. Action always speaks louder than words. 

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