Rolls-Royce Spring/Summer 2017 Line of Fashion-Inspired Vehicles
Written by Gordon Kelso All images courtesy of Roll-Royce

Rolls-Royce makes an emphatic push not to be left out of the enticing world of fashion.  The iconic and very luxurious car company has launched a Spring/Summer 2017 car line called “Dawn — Inspired by Fashion”. The cars all start with a white base that are then dressed in three colors “Mugello Red”, “Cobalto Blue” and “Mandarin”.  You can almost smell the opulent scent of luxury in this very creative venture – the interiors of each of the three varieties all have complementary accents against arctic white and black.  Rolls-Royce states that “A highlight of this range of cars is the “Piano White” dashboard which features aluminum particles — completed through a lacquering process that takes nine days to finish.”  We have made no effort to ask about the starting prices of these beauties but we are quite sure they are expensive.  There is a freshness and crispness to the collection – the cars look like luxurious spaceships (with ample umbrella storage) wearing colorful top hats.  If you cannot afford these engineering and design masterpieces, you can still admire them like art – cool with us.  

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