Rolls Royce Unveils 2 Bespoke Models
Written by: Rick Burns

It’s definitely luxury season in the car industry, and one of the giants of the auto industry just laid the marker down with a duo of prestigious releases. That company is Rolls Royce, and they recently unveiled two bespoke models inspired by the idyllic resort town of Porto Cervo, located on the northern coast of Sardinia. One of the releases was a plushed-out version of the Rolls-Royce Dawn captured in an immaculate Emerald Green paint job; an homage to the lush Porto Cervo sea views. It also features a seashell and green interior with teak wood ornaments, accented with emeralds and pearls set in White gold on the car’s dash. See below: 

The second bespoke model is a rethinking of the Rolls Royce Wraith. This new model is delivered in a 2-tone silver exterior which is meant to depict the beautiful dusks of Porto Cervo. It features a purple hue on the interior and the cabin is luxuriously outfitted with ostrich leather in variegated shades of blue, slate, purple and black. See below: 

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