Roundabout Goods Fall/Winter 2016 Collection
Written by Bastik Louver All images courtesy of Roundabout Goods

Roundabout Goods, the spanking new project from denim maven and Rising Sun & Co. founder, Mike Hodis is bringing much deserved shine to the natural/outdoor activity fashion movement with its Fall/Winter 2016 Collection.  There is a heavy vintage Americana feel to the collection mixed with the nostalgia of good ol’ country living with a splattering of good ol’ country values.  The collection’s photography is stunning and it highlights beautiful gear that allows the wearer to go seamlessly from the outdoors to the hippest spots around town.  The ease and the realness of the collection oozes of the page with a purity reminiscent of virgin nuptials ( yup, we went there).  All in all, we believe Mike Hodis is on to something here – the truth of the matter is there are few uncharted waters remaining in fashion but outer activewear has real potential to become something big.

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