SKATERS is a downtown NYC punk band with a penchant for drinking, the UK, and creating sonically brilliant and eclectically arranged punk, unlike any other band on the scene currently.  Their sound has been described in the press as “post-emo indie pop” with “new wave bass beats mixed with fuzzy guitars steeped in a ’77 sound,” —but all I’m going to say is that the music is referential and current all at once, with a unique sound and arrangement structure.  It’s melodic and tangential due to a mix of disparate musical influences that come together as something all its own.  The band’s been together for two years and is now signed to Warner Bros.  Sometimes the best things happen quickly…

SKATERS is composed of singer/songwriter Michael Ian Cummings, drummer Noah Rubin, guitarist Josh Hubbard, and bassist Dan Burke.  Mike and Noah have been playing in punk bands together since they were 15, and Dan was the bassist from their favorite band growing up.  Josh came into the picture after he and Mike met at a party in LA.  He was living in the U.K.

After trading demos with Mike and Noah, who were housed in an old factory in Downtown Brooklyn, Josh decides to move to NYC on a day’s notice.  The next day, celebrating Noah’s birthday, they discuss jamming together and just seeing what happens.  Josh had other plans though.  His response was short and to the point, “I didn’t come all the way from the UK to jam.”  They booked three shows the very next day and set out to create what Mike describes as “upbeat music inspired by {their} favorite post punk bands in London.”

They started packing shows right away by word of mouth which was helped by the fact that they were all working as bartenders and out ‘til 4AM every night.  There is power in NYC nightlife.

It was at the release of their art zine, YONKS that Warner Bros and several other record labels came calling.  It’s hard to keep the wolves at bay when you’re packing downtown clubs right out the gate.  Within a week they were flying to LA for meetings and ultimately chose Warner because as Mike puts it, “they were first and clearly showed the most interest.”  The band is currently recording at Electric Lady Land with producer John Hill, fresh off producing for Kanye.  They’re putting out a full length album with 11 tracks called “Manhattan,” with the release slated for February 25th.

When asked about songwriting the band says that Mike writes the songs, starting with a rhythm and brings it to the band, at which point a unique alchemy brews.  “Mike has a specific way of writing,” says Dan.  When asked if this is a process they are all familiar with the answer was “no, not necessarily,” but as Josh puts it, “if it’s working, don’t fuck with it.” Dan goes further, saying “Mike writes the songs and they manifest through our playing.”  This type of ego-free teamwork, when it comes to songwriting and developing tracks is key to the balance that is ultimately produced in the sound, which is eclectic and robust, minimalist, dirty, upbeat and current.

Make sure to catch them if you can, because they are torn between the States and the UK, and whichever fan base shows the most love will likely win the band over.  They’ve been to Mother England on seven different trips since forming in ’12 (what?!), and played eight shows in London last year, so losing them to the UK is an entirely real possibility.

To catch SKATERS in NYC, hit up the Bowery Ballroom…

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