SNC Approved: The Red Wing Indigo Portage
Written by: Staff

The time is soon coming when we are going to have to bring out our well-worn winter boots and start slogging through another long winter. Perhaps this is the time to stock up on something new, stylish and durable for the season. Red Wing, the highly trusted heritage purveyor of leather boots has just introduced a new Moc boot that we are totally crushing on. 

The new boot comes in the Red Wing 8882 Moc Boot silhouette and it’s crafted from heavyweight Indigo Portage full-grain leather. Apart from looking quite splendid, it is resistant to water and perspiration. It features a u-shaped Moc Toe leather upper that juxtaposes nicely a white crepe sole. Additional highlights are nickel eyelets and a solid Goodyear welt. 

There are definitely a lot of things to like here, but honestly, where else are you going to find blue leather boots that look this hot. 

It’s for sale now at the Red Wing Website. Click here

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