The sneaker has had a long and lucrative history since the first basic training shoe created in 1917 that continues to evolve – a globally connected society and economy, unprecedented business scale, demystified manufacturing, an increasingly high profile sneaker market with multiple sportswear giants to the small guys like FACTO who are disrupting and innovating.

FACTO, a new footwear brand based out of Tokyo and handcrafted in Italy at the same factories that produce Lanvin, Louboutin and Jimmy Choo. Launched just a few years ago, FACTO is a line of luxury sneakers that blend Italian craftsmanship, Japanese beauty, and utility, and a healthy dose of New York cool. Founded by Victor Hsu started designing shoes after graduating from NYU’s Business School is the product of his thirteen-year career in footwear manifested in a lifelong passion for brand building.

He states, “I began to sense that culture was becoming increasingly inundated with saccharine laden, instant gratification delights, mass-produced and marketed to promote a commercial cycle of gross consumption … I decided I wanted to invent something more substantial, more nourishing for the soul.”

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