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Written by: Geo Hagan

We love dipping into different lanes of culture and finding sexy women who are unbelievably multi-faceted and talented. DJ Hesta Prynn certainly falls into that category, and she just happens to be one of the most sought after DJ’s in NYC. On any given night, she could be spinning at a glamorous fashion event, playing dope tracks at a high-profile Hollywood premiere or tearing it up at an outdoors concert venue. Oh, and did we mention she’s also a respected songwriter and has appeared in nationwide commercials for corporate giants like Metro PCS and Coke. 

Check out our profile with her below: 

“Never show off, just create an atmosphere and just let people fall in love.”

How would you describe yourself – DJ, Producer, Ghostwriter, artist?

I would describe myself as a DJ and ghostwriter or songwriter – those are hats that I wear most these days. I work primarily with brands and with established recording artists.

Where did you get the name Hesta Prynn?

It was my MC name in my first band Northern State – kind of a play on the hip-hop version of Hester Prynne from the Scarlet Letter.

Your life revolves around music – what is it about music that inspires you so much?

Growing up, I ‘ve always identified the moments in my life with their soundtrack.  I remember watching Tom & Jerry cartoons and hearing Rhapsody in Blue and not knowing what it was but loving it.  When I studied Gershwin in high school I remembered having heard the composition as a really young child.  I remember what was on the radio at just about every age.  I was always just really aware of what music was playing wherever I was.  It feels like a natural fit that now I spend my days and nights soundtracking other people’s lives. 

What’s the one skill that you definitely need to have to be a successful, kickass DJ in NYC?

You need to know when to be sonically visible and when to be sonically invisible.  This is the key to my success honestly, I know how to create a vibe that makes everybody feel cool and to occasionally put myself out there a bit so they notice me – but you should never detract from the vibe in the room.  Never show off, just create an atmosphere and just let people fall in love. 

What’s your favorite type of party/event to play?

I just DJ’ed the HBO Girls season 3 premiere party which was amazing.  I did an hour of songs that all had “Girls” choruses – from the 70s to today in every genre.  Questlove gushed about it in the NY Times and I nearly died.

The music industry is known for having a wide range of both awesome and unsavory characters-Who are some of your favorite people in the biz?

Adam Horovitz from Beasties has always been great to me, Questlove again, taught me a lot.  On the biz tip Jennifer Justice at Roc Nation is an inspiration and Tegan and Sara are the most generous people in this business. 

How would you describe your fashion style – are you all about the luxury brands, or do you do the high/low thing or do you just rock it casual?

Much like with my records, I love to mix genres.  I’ll wear something super girlie with something really masculine, or something super pretty with something grimy.  I like to mix it up.

Who is one fashion personality (designer or otherwise) that you absolutely adore?

I mean Gwen Stefani forever and always.

When you’re not in the studio or DJ’ing or doing something glamorous, what do you like to just chill and unwind?

I have amazing friends who I don’t get to see enough.  I love drinks with my friends, I like to go to Soho House with my husband.  I read more than you can imagine and my guilty pleasure is that I watch all of the Real Housewives.

 What do you think are the most attractive traits in a man?

A man who is in control of himself – his finances, his relationships, his look, his work  – there’s a part of a woman that really wakes up when she’s around a powerful man like that.  

Conversely, what are the least attractive traits in a man?

Stubbornness and an inability to listen are both signs of real immaturity in a man.  That’s one of the differences between a boy and a man.   

Lastly, it’s a new year, what dreams, aspirations and plans do you have for the coming months?

I hope to really make an impact on the radio this year.  There’s nothing like hearing something you wrote go out into the world to inspire others. 

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