Strateas.Carlucci A/W 2015
Written by: Salomey Shyouse All images and video courtesy of Strateas.Carlucci

Australian fashion duo Peter Strateas and Mario-Luca Carlucci are riding high with their A/W 2015 collection nicknamed “Transplant”. The Strateas Carlucci brand is relatively young, but not being long in the tooth has served them quite well.  Their collections are always fresh, full of life, sensibly modern and story-filled. The A/W 2015 collection has a nice color combination of grays, greens, browns, blues and blacks.  The fabrics used are peppered with luxurious silks, velvets and leathers, and the silhouettes are tailored without looking too constricting.  The pieces that stand out are wearable pants, coats, shirts and jackets that all plead to be purchased yesterday.  There are also some capes in there for good measure.  Their A/W 2015 lookbook is well done with landscape backgrounds that implore adventure, luxury and exploration, all wrapped in a beautiful fashion bouquet.

See pieces of the collection below.

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