Stutterheim Fall/Winter 2016 Lookbook
Written by Grant Willbrook All images courtesy of Stutterheim

The Stutterheim Fall/Winter 2016 collection is beautiful, just beautiful.  Straight lines with bursts of accent colors make this a collection one to savor for a while.  The color scheme is not blatantly in your face but it automatically gets tattooed onto your psyche. You just want to devour the clothes – they are inviting!  Practicality is also a theme in the collection as rubberized/bonded cotton and quilted liners are meshed (no pun intended) into the presentation.  This Scandinavian brand undoubtedly understands outerwear and its Fall/Winter 2016 Collection is unadulterated proof for any doubters out there.  The pops of color (orange, green and burgundy) are strategically placed within the collection for ultimate effect  – and it works – the whole mosaic is brilliant and inescapably desirable.

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