Style for Bigger Dudes
Written by Brian Davies

It’s tough for anyone to try and find their own personal style and this can be even more difficult for big and tall guys. With far fewer fashionable options available, many big men find themselves out of luck when it comes to looking good. But fear not, there are still plenty of worthwhile style tips that big dudes can follow to both feel and look good.

“Generally we’d never recommend oversized clothing for a man of size. All too often …”

Peerless Style Through Prints

One great way for bigger men to punch up their style is to do it with prints. For those who have been paying attention to the news from the upcoming Men’s Fashion Week, points out that prints are on trend, and the louder and more colorful the better. Prints inspired by the 1970s, such as paisleys and florals, are becoming popular on the runway, and they’re definitely a trend that everyone can get in on. Big and tall guys shouldn’t try avoid to avoid color and instead they should actually embrace it. 

Plaids: For More Than Just Picnics

In our opinion, they never really went out of style, but plaids are back in a big way when it comes to fashion. Whether through a flannel or a button-down, it’s hard not to look good in a plaid print. They happen to be particularly complementary to plus-size men as well. According to, the red-and-black “Buffalo Print” is one of the trends of the season and is a good look for more than just lumberjacks. Plaids are so popular that they regularly feature in the top five items at and, as such, remain an effortless way for big men to add some classic cool to their wardrobes. Be careful with which plaid you pick though, better to look like a logger than a tablecloth.

Big Sweaters for Big Men

Generally we’d never recommend oversized clothing for a man of size. All too often large clothes make it look like you’re trying to hide something, in addition to generally looking bulky and bulgy. However, sweaters are a bit of a different game and reports that exceptionally oversized sweaters happen to be in vogue this season. Match your sweater with well-fitted pants (not skinny jeans) and a nice pair of boots and you’ll look cool, confident and comfortable all winter long.

Time to Suit Up

When in doubt, there are few things better looking than a man in a tailored suit. However, for big guys there are a few extra caveats that skinnier duties often don’t have to worry about. One rule is that big and tall men should always opt for the single-breasted suit, never double-breasted. The wider overlap with a double-breasted suit will make you appear larger and will undo all of your hard work. Also, make sure you find a good tailor and keep them close. Few things look better than clothes that actually fit, and this is especially true for extra large guys.

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