Summer of Paradise: Edward Crutchley SS16

At SNC, we are always on the lookout for new and exceptional talent, and boy do we have one for you today! We’re pleased to introduce you to a UK menswear designer named Edward Crutchley that we think is destined for success. Even though he just launched his line in 2015, he already has a very impressive pedigree. To date, Crutchley has already worked with major brands like Pringle and lent his expertise to new collections from Kanye West. He has also worked with the luxury powerhouse, Louis Vuitton. We also have to add that he graduated from the esteemed fashion institute, Central Saint Martins, so you can be sure that his fundamentals are absolutely rock solid. 

Crutchley’s expertise lies in his mastery of the best artisanal textile techniques from all over the world. He deals in luxury, but luxury with a definite edge and attitude. This approach can be seen in his vibrant and unique SS16 collection. See the pieces below: 

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